nike-shoe.jpgNike unveiled a line of more eco-friendly products on Tuesday which aim to use more sustainable, recyclable materials that should also translate into better profit margins for the future.

The goal of Nike Considered Design is to create performance innovation products that minimize environmental impact by reducing waste throughout the design and development process, use environmentally preferred materials, and eliminate toxics.
Nike designers are now expected to make smart, sustainable design choices at the start of their creative process which has led to Nike’s most extensive Considered Design range of product to date.

Nike says it aims to have 100 percent of Nike footwear meet baseline Considered standards by 2011, all apparel by 2015, and all equipment by 2020. Achievement of these goals would mean waste in Nike’s supply chain will be reduced by 17 percent and the use of environmentally-preferred materials will be increased by 20 percent. (Read full story in Reuters News)

Photo: The Pegasus 25, Nike’s best selling running shoe, is in the Considered line.

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