Mint flavored fudge from SendFudge.comDo you know someone in the United States who is always looking on the bright side, cheering others when they need it most?

In honor of the Good News Network’s 15th anniversary, we will send a free gift box of gourmet fudge to five positive people nominated by GNN fans to be honorary “Good News Ambassadors,” for their consistent efforts to inspire others., which offers 40 flavors of decadent fudge, wants to honor the sweetest among us. They have teamed up with the Good News Network, which will choose the 5 best stories and send a gift code for a free half-pound box to each winner.

This is the first of several contests offering free prizes arranged by the Good News Network to help celebrate 15 years of good news and thank our subscribers for their support.

Tell us your story, whether it’s funny, heart-warming or sad. Send it in an email, making sure “fudge” in the subject line, or post in the Comments section below — and include details on how to contact you, so we can email (or call) the winners with instructions on how to receive their sweet rewards. (The most fun will be picking from among the 40 tempting flavors.)15 Year logo

‘Give A Fudge’ Today!

Nominate your personal “Good News Ambassador.” [CORRECTION] Contest ends September 6, 2012.

You will need to provide either a phone number or email address for the winner, in order for them to win. Their contact info will not be used for any other purpose. The winner will need to order the delivery of fudge from the website of, entering the provided gift code to receive 100% off of the cost of product and shipping* (*Free shipping to the lower 48 states; free fudge for any winner in the 50 states.)

Diabetics need not miss out: “Thanks to the 12 sucrose-free flavors that use isomalt and fructose to sweeten, these selections are suitable for most diabetics.”

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