white-lights-tree-mlwk.jpgSince 2005, there has not been a single day that good news was not been hunted and published here — until last week.

Far away in the cold, on a holiday with family, during which I normally would be working and adding stories to the website daily, a server issue arose which prevented me from any access to the Good News Network.

I am traveling home today, and with the successful posting of this notice, believe the situation has been resolved… (Or, it will remain a mystery why, every time I tried to access my websites, they were unloadable in a browser.)

Since I’ll be driving a car, I can’t post today. I’ll be back online tomorrow, and please forgive the lapse in good news! (Appreciate it in its absence, all the more.


  1. That is really impressive that you post every day! Thanks for all the work you do to keep this site up and running so smoothly. It is great to have such a wonderful source of good news!