new-zealand-parliament-mp.jpgCharlotte Squire, creator of Happyzine, a New Zealand blog that features positive items from around Kiwiland, is challenging the M.P.s of New Zealand to one Hour of Kindness during Parliament’s ‘Questions in the House,’  a time when usually they rip each other apart and criticize each other’s work.

She urged them to praise and compliment each other, to think positively and perhaps even to exchange a few hugs during the short hour on September 8.

“It’s interesting watching our MPs responding,” said Squire. “One made the valid point that just last week she praised a few MPs from opposition parties and THAT didn’t get reported.”

Squire insists the 120 very approachable MPs can still discuss important matters, but in a more pleasant manner.

“Imagine if for one, short hour, our Ministers committed to looking for the good in each other. Wouldn’t it be interesting to watch some of our country’s top political leaders take all that energy and vent it towards an hour of positivity?”

The country seems to be warming to the concept, with one local paper in Nelson featuring the idea along with the National Programme, the largest publicly funded radio show.

Whether or not the Hour of Kindness goes ahead, Ms Squire says she will be keeping a tally of which party says the most positive things to each other during Questions in the House on Tuesday, and awarding a framed Happyzine ‘Kindest Party’ certificate. (HappyZine)

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