An Oklahoma boy delivered anonymous candy and Valentine’s Day cards to every girl at his school on Friday to make sure no one was feeling left out.

The student secretly surprised all 1076 girls at Edmond High School, but eventually everyone learned who the Romeo was.

Dan Williams, an Eagle Scout who doesn’t have a girlfriend of his own, worked all summer to raise enough money for his Valentine’s Day surprise.

“To know somebody out there cares about them,” Dan pondered. “That’s one of the best feelings in the world, I think.”

(WATCH the video above or READ the story from KFOR)

Story tip from Kim Bagley and Myra Kemna


  1. For Dan: Well done young man, well done! With a heart as kind as yours I predict that you’ll have a girlfriend very soon.

    When I was younger (back in the late 1960’s) altruism was almost unheard of amongst the student body–that’s not a put down of kids back then, it’s just that we didn’t think in those terms. Nice things were done for students by their family and close friends, but not anonymously. Dan’s gesture is one of many we see these days and it’s a very encouraging trend! There are “disabled” (I prefer the term “challenged”) athletes who are put in the game to compete (often with the help of the opposing team no less!) or challenged girls are given a coveted spot on the cheerleading squad. Just when we start to think that this generation is the “It’s all about ME!” generation, we are pleasantly proved wrong.

  2. Yes, Kevin. I totally agree. I am of your generation and believe today’s kids are encouraged to volunteer much more than we ever were. Bullying was not discussed though it was rampant. We are in good hands with the youth today!

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