vegetarian-students.jpgOak Grove School in Calif. is planting the seeds of healthy living by offering an organic all-vegetarian school lunch, and a nutrition lesson that will last long after these kids leave school.


  1. I hope to see this trend move across all schools. I still pack my kids’ lunches (they’re in high school) because I guess I’m the “nutrition lady” in my household, and it’s important to me that my teens eat healthy/balanced stuff and not junk. I cringe when they tell me what some of their peers eat. We look at what the school cafeteria offers, and even though the menu has improved greatly in recent years, we agree that it’s not nearly as healthy as what I pack them. Also, very few choices for vegetarians at our school … why does meat have to get thrown into everything? Why “beef and bean burrito,” why not just bean burrito? (We have two mostly vegetarians and two partly vegetarians in our household.) Anyway, I enjoyed this video and seeing all those healthy, yummy fruits and veggies on the students’ plates.

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