sh*t happens logo blackOur son, who moved to LA last month, was on the Redondo Beach pier and saw a guy wearing our GOOD HAPPENS shirt!

Andy walked up, introduced himself and they shared a wonderful moment of connection!

He told David that I lived in Virginia, and he only just moved to the area.  He’s still looking for a job, and a room to rent, if you know of anything 🙂

Sht Happens shirt blackI posted the story on the GNN Facebook page, thinking it would be cool if David were to comment, “That was me!”

He was wearing the shirt pictured here, “Sh#t Happens” crossed out and replaced with GOOD…

This long-sleeved shirt is kind of expensive – $27, because CafePress sets the prices on all the merch — but there are cheaper styles. (My favorite is the maternity shirt with GOOD Happens over the belly area.) You can also find bags, bumper stickers and bibs at our shop. (We make a buck or two on each item sold.)

Anyway, I had to share, having been so tickled by the story.

xxoo, Geri


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