haiti-cash-for-work-oxfam.jpgOxfam has launched several cash-for-work projects, which give those living in camps a chance to earn an income while improving their environment by building latrines and clearing rubble.

Cash in hand helps earthquake survivors stay in the driver’s seat in their own recovery – able to purchase what they most want and need, such as the food that is now available on the streets of Port-au-Prince. Those purchases in turn support local suppliers and begin to bring Haiti’s economy back to life. See the cash-for-work program photos in this slideshow.

An assessment of market conditions in Port-au-Prince showed there is sufficient food, but people do not have the money to purchase it. Oxfam has tested “cash for work” in crises around the world and found it to be more effective than food distribution as long as sufficient food is available on the market. It also helps restores dignity in difficult circumstances.

This “cash-for-work” effort is set to expand across nine sites where Oxfam has recently installed clean water and latrines, serving 80,000 people.

Read more about what OXFAM is doing to aid in the relief of Haiti on their website.


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