Hug The Monkey is a Web site about oxytocin, the hormone of love and enjoyment:

Lewis Mehl-Madrona is an M.D. who doesn’t see autism as an incurable disease. He’s found that these kids have rich social and communicative lives, and that parents can learn the "secret language of their autistic children."


One thing that sometimes works is oxytocin — and in some kids, he says, it works really well…

Mehl-Madrona has used the oxytocin inhaler treatment for a couple of years, in preparation for a true, randomized controlled trial.

So far, he says, "I’m encouraged. Mostly what I’m seeing — and it will take some more time to feel sure about this — is a decrease in repetitive, compulsive behaviors, including self-injurious ones, and better social interaction. I have one kid who is actually making empathetic statements. His mother was blown away."

(Full story at Hug the Monkey) Thanks to GNN supporter VioletFlame11 for the link

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