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Watch Senior Citizens Delight in Giving Away ‘Bad’ Advice From Their ‘Old Coots’ Farmer’s Market Booth

Every weekend at this Utah farmer's market, a group of old timers open up a booth to share their wisdom with the world—and the results are adorable.

When Animal Shelter Uses Area 51 Internet Meme to Appeal for Adoptions, They Are Flooded With Support

With millions of internet pranksters rallying to “storm Area 51”, an Oklahoma animal shelter has used the meme to find forever homes for dozens of dogs.

In a Town That Straddles Two Different US States, the Border Actually Brings People Together

Despite how some regional borders tend to divide their communities, this state line has actually served to bring two towns together.

Good News in History, April 4

75 years ago today, 14-year-old German Holocaust victim, Anne Frank, wrote in her diary: “I want to go on living even after my death! And...

When Two Sons Could Not Be With Their Dad for His Birthday, They Took Out a Billboard Asking for Help

As a means of giving their father the birthday wishes he deserves, his two mischievous sons used a billboard to recruit some outside help.

Watch Ex-NASA Engineer Design Glitter Bomb Trap as Revenge for Thieves Stealing His Packages

An ex-NASA engineer took it upon himself to teach local package thieves a lesson that they will not soon forget.

Groom Can’t Contain His Laughter When Bearded Best Man Shows Up in the Dress Where His Bride Should Be

As a means of relieving a groom's anxiety, his mischievous best friend donned a wedding dress and veil for the bride's “first look”.

Watch Curious Cat Suddenly Discover That She Has Ears After Striking a Pose in the Mirror

Judging by the look on the feline's face, it seems that she had to make sure that she was not being pranked by the human holding the camera.

When Student Accepts Stranger’s Accidental Invitation to a Funeral, She Becomes ‘Brightest’ Part of the Day

This week, Leena Ali and Dawn Burke were total strangers – but an accidental text message ended up bringing them together at a woman's...

Guy Makes Everybody Smile When He Picks Up His Girlfriend in Themed Cars Every Single Day

Forget chocolate and flowers; this guy is seriously setting the bar higher for what it means to show affection for a significant other. For a...

How to Fix Group Photos With Ex-Boyfriends: Replace Him With the Family Cat

When her younger sister's ex-boyfriend was featured prominently in old family photos, woman replaces his face with a more reliable companion.

Dying Grandma Was Too Sick to Attend, So College Baseball Team Took the Game to Her

Marilyn Seavers was too weak from chemotherapy to leave her house for her grandson's baseball game back in March – so the team brought the game to her instead.

Man Pulls Off Cheeky Dad Joke After Telling His Daughter He Learned a New Magic Trick

There is nothing more amusing than a good dad joke – and this punch line delivered by David Cromwell definitely takes the cake.

Watch Two Kids Disguised as One Tall Man in Trench Coat Try to Get in to See ‘Black Panther’

Who would have suspected that the normal looking man at the “Black Panther” screening was actually two kids wearing a trench coat!?

Cop Surprised – and Delighted – When He Finds the Car He is About to Ticket is Made of Snow

We've all seen some ‘cool’ cars in our day, but this is ridiculous. Last week, Montréal-based artist and prankster Simon Laprise decided to confound his...

Bill Murray Delights Us Again By Buying Bluegrass Concert Tickets For Everyone In Line

Bill Murray has been a staple of the comedy world for decades. The 67-year-old actor is known for movies like Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, and Groundhog...

Watch Hilarious Mannequin Guys Surprise Unsuspecting Passersby

If laughter is good for you, then this video is definitely a good daily dose of medicine. YouTube pranksters Alex Stifler and Jad Khawandi of the...

Hockey Player Has Baby Baptized Right in the Stanley Cup

Josh Archibald of the Pittsburgh Penguins had special plans for his day with the Stanley Cup trophy.

Watch Shocked Busload of Tourists Find Themselves on Academy Awards Show

This Starline bus tour may go down in history as the best bus ride ever given in history. Last night during the Academy Awards ceremony...

Citizens Burst Into Tears When Michelle Obama Shows Up During Goodbye Recordings For Her

Jimmy Fallon set up a sweet prank for Americans to record goodbye messages to Michelle Obama. What they didn’t know is, she was waiting behind a curtain.