The International Labour Organisation and Pakistan’s Ministry of Labour have launched a program they say is aimed at eliminating the dangerous and degrading practice of  ‘rag picking’ that occupies thousands of poor children rummaging through landfills. It offers welfare and social programs that offer alternatives like schooling, the arts, and sports.
Among the benefits poposed by the project:

  • 1,400 child labourers ages 5-17 would receive education in the Rawalpindi district.
  • 1,000 children ages 5-14 would be provided education in more than 30 non-formal educational centres
  • 400 children ages 15-17 would be provided basic literacy and health and safety counselling in 16 literacy centres.
  • A community-based ‘child monitoring system’ will be developed to prevent rag picking and ensure the availability of a trained adult work force.

Pakistan’s Daily Times covers the details.

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