Appreciate all shapes and sizes of people, and NEVER keep anyone from dancing. That’s the message coming from social media in support of a man who was laughed at and shamed for dancing in public.

The photos above were posted anonymously by someone who wrote “Spotted this specimen trying to dance… He stopped when he saw us laughing.”

This so appalled Cassandra Fairbanks in Los Angeles that she and her friends decided to try and find the unknown man and throw him a huge party to dance with him.

2000 self-described “babes” took to Twitter with a campaign #FindDancingMan and within a day they succeeded.Bully Free Zone sign- LoveShareCare.com

Town Turns Tables on Bullying School Prank


Sean posted a new photo of himself from London, England, smiling and holding a note saying, “Hi Cass… (as requested)!”

Sean-dancingman-on-TwitterHaving found their man, Cass and her crew began a fundraising campaign to buy Sean a ticket to L.A.

“We are so happy to make a difference for #dancingman and anyone else out there who has experienced this type of pain or ridicule,” Cass wrote on the new GoFundMe page.

In three days their campaign raised more than $37,500 for the party.

Celebrities have also volunteered to help. Pharrell Williams wants to perform and Moby has asked to be the guest DJ.

Details about the party are still to be determined, but the women are hoping to set up plenty of photos and a Livestream of the event, saying, Sean is “a beloved rock star and so many people globally wish to dance with him.”

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  1. It’s truly a sad commentary that these people tried to feel superior to Sean by embarrassing him. I suspect they put him down because they wish they had the freedom of spirit to do what Sean did…”Hey look! This guy is having fun and is happy–let’s destroy his self-esteem.” Shame on all of you —holes! Kudos to everybody who is working on the party for Sean and now HE gets the last laugh! Go for it Sean!

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