Orwell Camera Party Hat Front 404

Dutch artists decorated surveillance cameras with party hats to celebrate George Orwell’s 110th birthday earlier this year.

Orwell’s classic dystopian novel, “1984,” warned about a future world where the government was obsessed with surveillance of its people.

Dutch art duo Front 404 – Thomas voor ‘t Hekke and Bas van Oerle – thought the hats would be a perfect birthday tribute.

Orwell Camera Party Hat 3 Front 404

They posted pictures to their website, and friends in other countries joined the celebrations with more hats or party balloons attached to cameras along sidewalks and on street corners.

Orwell Camera Party 4 Hat Front 404

That was June 25, and so far, there doesn’t seem to be many repercussions – no sign that the Ministry of Truth has tried to erase their pictures, no visit to Room 101 to re-educate the artists, and no denouncement from Big Brother. Yet.

(SEE more at Front 404) – Photos: Front 404

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