A shy mobile phone salesman who’s always wanted to sing opera wows a national television audience to tears in this segment of GOT TALENT, Britain’s version of American Idol. Paul Potts’ voice thrilled the audience and led to a standing ovation for his amazing debut performance of Puccini’s difficult “Nessun Dorma.”

CLICK for PART II of the Paul Potts Story — his performance in the semi-finals.
Thanks so much to Maureen for the amazing link!

Visit Paul’s Website to see how far he’s come, from an amateur in a local opera troupe having performed 4 times, to worldwide fame. His new CD is topping the charts. Buy it at Amazon



  1. I am not one prone to tears but this was a truly wonderful story. After watching the video and listening to Paul Pots magnificent voice I was in tears. His voice touched my heart. I was so taken by the story I had to watch the subsequent videos and find out if he had won. A remarkable story. Thank you for sharing. I was so tired of opening my comcast web page and viewing nothing but degrading news of famous individuals, etc. that I actually typed in the words GOOD NEWS and in the listings there was your site. It is now my home page and I love every piece of information it offers. Thank you.

  2. What did end up happening? I assume he won the compeition and got a record deal?

    His web page looks at first glance, which is all I could give it, a professional site that displays only confidence!

  3. Having spent almost 1 decade as a physicist, then more than 2 decades on wall street, i’ve learned to be sanguine about world events, and to harden my heart against popular news of daily events.

    This story made my spirit soar, and Geri, I hope that you continue your very, very important work of communicating to all what is good about us.

  4. This is the most wonderful story! I had come to this site looking for good news about singing, as I’ve been encouraging myself to get out there but was feeling down today. This video moved me and gives me faith, and I just bought the album. Thank you, Geri!

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