Danny and Betty Roberson were married for sixteen years before she finally passed away in February – but their love is still changing the world for the better, even after she is gone.

Betty eventually succumbed to a tumor that had continued to grow in her body despite enduring months of chemotherapy. While she was receiving treatment, Danny had also been diagnosed with cancer in the form of a tumor that was in his face.

The devoted husband refused to get treatment for the tumor so they could use all of their finances to take care of Betty’s cancer.

After Betty’s passing, however, Danny finally allowed himself to get treatment for his facial tumor. He is now recovering from a successful surgery that had the tumor removed.

WATCHInstead of Paying for Advertising, Church Abolishes $10M in Medical Debt For Local Families

Not only that, but he is carrying on Betty’s legacy in another way.

Danny recently donated $10,000 of Betty’s life insurance payout to the charity RIP Medical Debt, a nonprofit that buys out people’s medical debt for pennies on the dollar. This means that Danny’s donation will forgive about $1 million in medical debt – and he says that it’s all courtesy of Betty.

“When they go out and see that RIP medical envelope in their mail box, I know God is blessing them and I know Betty may have had a little bit to do with that,” Danny told NBCDFW.

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