phones-for-haiti.jpgTwo days after the earthquake hit Haiti, mobile phone recycler, ReCellular, launched their own disaster relief program in partnership with the American Red Cross. Not only will your discarded cell phones help people in Haiti, they will be assured an eco-friendly afterlife, diverted from landfills and safely recycled.

ReCellular will contribute 100% of the phone value to the American Red Cross in a program that has already earned more than $20 million dollars in contributions for a variety of charities through their partnerships with ReCellular.

With an estimated 130 million phones retired in the US every year, if even a small percentage of them are sent to Phones for Haiti, it would raise millions of dollars for relief.

Simply download a free shipping label from their website,, and send in your old cell phone. All phones are accepted, though newer phones will provide the most value to the charity – in some cases $100 or more.

“The devastation in Haiti is slowly becoming all too clear,” said Steve Manning, ReCellular CEO. “Sending in your used phone is a simple and effective way to help with the rescue and rebuilding efforts already underway.”Spread the word on Facebook, by joining their Fan Page, and get updates on relief efforts.

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