dog on deceased drivers seat-IMGURA photo posted on Reddit has gone viral for its depiction of a loyal dog waiting for their deceased dad on the driver’s seat of his tow-truck. The photo caption says their father died in June, but the dog still waits for him every day in the vehicle he used to drive.

The truck is still used to move cars on their impound lot, according to the poster AmericanBulldag.

“Whoever is driving it lets him in. If no one is using it that day, he will go to the door and bark till someone opens it and lets him in.”

The dog was at his bedside in the living room when the man died, he added to the post later. “He never left the room for the month dad was there. We had to carry him outside to go to the bathroom.”

AmericanBulldag wrote, “just wanted to share the photo because it was touching.”

(Original post on Reddit)

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