A revolutionary breakthrough in healthcare was unveiled that could help millions of people to avoid years of invasive tests, unpredictable pain and misdiagnosis. New blood tests can now quickly and accurately diagnose one of the most common digestive disorders – one that until now, has been nearly impossible to diagnose.

Two simple tests, developed by gastroenterologist Dr. Mark Pimentel of Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles, finally gives doctors the ability to confirm whether a person actually has developed irritable bowel syndrome – a common disorder that includes bouts of relentless diarrhea, which plagues about ten percent of the world’s population and nearly 40 million Americans.raymond-wang-intel-science-fair-website

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“Most IBS patients have been told at one time or another that the disease was psychological, all in their head,” said Dr Pimentel. “The fact that we can now confirm the disease through their blood, not their head, is going to end a lot of the emotional suffering I have seen these patients endure.”

His nearly eight years of research centered around antibodies in the blood that had previously interacted with toxins during food poisoning.

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