pilot-paw-mike-rigg.jpgLady Di is a lovely purebred collie with a pleasant disposition, just like many of dogs dumped at shelters which euthanize animals by the dozens every week because they lack enough would-be owners. But she is one of the lucky dogs. She got a plane ride away from death row when shelter workers knew she stood a better chance somewhere else.

Donating their time, planes and fuel, volunteers in Pilots N Paws fly these pets away from overwhelmed shelters to communities where they’ll stand a better chance of adoption.

This week, Pilots N Paws is seeking to transport 5,000 animals to safety in a flurry of flights designed to raise awareness of the charity and draw attention to the importance of spaying and neutering. (Their website is down right now, but try back later and look at the photos and donate a bit if you can…)

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