Brad Pitt joins Global Green’s Matt Petersen for a press conference in one of the hardest hit neighborhoods in New Orleans one year after contest designs were submitted (August 21, 2007 – Global Green USA)

Brad Pitt and Global Green USA announced the Sustainable Design Competition for New Orleans Neighborhoods.

“Get ready to create implementable visions for reconstruction of a New Orleans neighborhood. Be sure to use green affordable housing, plan for sustainability and don’t forget the community center. Six finalists will work with local neighborhoods on details.”

Pitt spoke as the sponsor and chairman for the design jury. He said the competition asks the question, ‘Can this catastrophe be turned into an opportunity? Can we create for these neighborhoods and its families something even better than they had before?’ “It is our hope that this competition will generate and uncover new and innovative ideas which will spark a long overdue rebuilding effort for the people of New Orleans.”

Pitt says the designers will work in tandem with the people from the neighborhoods. “Our goal is to create designs — and ideally built projects — which are stable, beautiful, sustainable and affordable. We encourage anyone with an idea to get involved.”

The project aims to reduce energy bills for low-income families, help communities rebuild with clean jobs, and reduce the threats to public health with green building.

Finalist presentations and jury review will occur prior to August 29, 2006, the one-year anniversary of Katrina’s landfall. Six local neighborhoods- those needing the most assistance and having active neighborhood groups- will be invited to participate in the finalist round of competition. Using culturally, environmentally and climactically appropriate designs, materials and strategies, the final designs will follow these principles.

  • Meet the needs of the community as identified by neighborhood groups
  • Draw upon natural systems on site and surrounding blocks
  • Reduce financial and health burdens for residents and the community
  • Maximize use of energy on-site and explore ways to be carbon or climate neutral
  • Inspire local enterprise that creates clean jobs and healthier neighborhoods

To receive information via email when the competition program is finalized in mid-May register at Global Green USA.

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