Lemur-Snaps-a-Selfie-cropped-ZSL-London-ZooIt’s a great promotion for the London Zoo’s ongoing Animal Photography Prize, but this time the animal himself took the photograph.

A 12-year-old ring-tail lemur named Bekily grabbed the camera from his keeper during feeding time and held it up to his face to grab a selfie.

“We’re always taking quick pics of the animals we look after,” said Tegan McPhail. “With workmates this cute, it’s hard to resist – but Bekily definitely wanted to get in on the action himself this time.”

(See full shot below)

“As I was snapping away, he grabbed the camera lens and pulled it towards his own face. It took him a few attempts but he got a great profile pic in the end.”

Is the lemur’s self-portrait — like another stellar selfie taken by a monkey, here — cute enough to actually win the zoo’s photography contest with its £10k prize money?

The contest closes on April 1.

A second selfie Bekily shot probably showed a little too much nose, but you can see it at the Zoo’s website.


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