Polish representatives officially announced this week that their stockpile of over one million anti-personnel mines has finally been destroyed.

Though the nation’s elimination goal was set for 2017, the country disposed of its last mine in April 2016, eight months ahead of schedule. All the mines were dismantled in an environmentally friendly way, “through recycling of its components, wood and metal, and using extracted TNT material for military training and other specific purposes, such as breaking ice jams on rivers.”

Poland is now one of 157 states that have destroyed their land mind stockpiles since the Anti-Personnel Mine Ban Convention was signed into effect back in 1999.

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Over 48 million stockpiled mines have allegedly been destroyed since the convention’s creation.

“Even before joining the Convention, Poland never wavered in its commitment to the Convention’s humanitarian goals. That is why, Poland began destroying its stockpile even before reaffirming our attachment to the objectives of the Convention,” said Ambassador Piatkowska.

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“The Convention is not only a humanitarian treaty but a disarmament instrument that works. Poland is demonstrating real commitment to the aims of eliminating landmines and has done so prior to its deadline.”

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