blurry Memorial BridgeRick Sound, a TriMet bus driver for 24 years, was steering a No. 77 bus west over the Steel Bridge Tuesday morning when he saw something that stopped him – and the bus – in their tracks.

A woman had hoisted one leg over the railing of the bridge, which spans the Willamette River in downtown Portland. He quickly parked the bus in the lane — there was nowhere to pull over — and ran out to stop her apparent plan to jump.

“I thought I better do something quick,” he said. “It had about five seconds to go downhill real quick.”

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  1. Yikes! Is it possible that grabbing her arm, forcing the woman and handcuffing her to a public passenger bus was a bit of an aggressive approach? This may have been extremely harmful– not to mention encouraging the very thought of her mother and father, could have been a precipitating factor for the suicide attempt.

    This is not meant to discredit the bus driver for taking action with his best intentions in a moment of crisis. This story just didn’t feel necessarily like a “good news” story.

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