Postcard project LoveFromHawaiiEveryone can use a little encouragement. How about getting an uplifting postcard from a stranger in Hawaii?

That is the beautiful premise of an art project out of Canada called, Love From Hawaii.

Artist Jeff Hamada offered “free encouragement” to the viewers of his popular art blog, All they had to do was to post in the comments section why they needed to be encouraged and Jeff took the requests — along with a package of beautiful postcards — to an annual retreat for fellow artists in the Aloha State.

He distributed the name, address and predicament for one of the readers to the gathered artists. He also asked random strangers on the street if they wanted to encourage a stranger. Most of the requests involved people wanting a boost regarding their writing or artwork or following some dream. Some said they had health problems or relationship problems and were more acutely in pain.

Hamada then shot photos of each of the postcard authors as they held up their cards destined to cheer up a stranger half a world away.

Originally he brought 100 postcards and promised to fulfill as many comments, but more than 200 people posted their mailing address and were eager to receive some love from Hawaii, so Hamada was going to try to get each one all sent.

The project grew out of a Twitter experiment a couple years ago where the artist asked his followers who needed free encouragement. After he saw the tweets, he picked one and asked his followers to sent uplifting messages.

Visit to see a full gallery of postcard portraits.

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