New research shows that the active ingredient in marijuana may prevent the progression of the disease by preserving levels of an important neurotransmitter that allows the brain to function… Now, if only we can get the medical marijuana laws changed by the feds. (Reuters)


  1. Good for who?
    My Sister-in-law has severe MS. Pot helps her alot with her pain, I don’t know how she could function without it. She has a license for medical pot where she lives in Alaska. My brother has HIV and has throat cancer. Pot is the only thing that keeps him eating, and in less pain.
    But I have eplilepsy, and if I get even one sniff of someone’s second hand smoke, I have a grand mal seizure.
    My family is very considerate about smoking near me. They won’t if I’m visiting. But what about all the jerks out there that don’t have consideration for anyone, and will use pot at their whim, on the street? Last week I was walking my dog and some guy was smoking a doobie on the street, he walked by us and I got a big whiff of his smoke. I was lucky that I made it home in time with my dogs, because I had a big grand mal seizure just after I got in the door. It was so bad that my husband had to take me to the ER. Pot smoke is not good for everyone. Will people be considerate of others when or if it is legalized here? WIll I have to live with an oxygen mask strapped to my face when I go outside?

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