Free State University-SA-CC-Martin Kozák

A poverty-stricken South African teen who lived in a one-bedroom cottage she shared with 3 other people was unable to go to university due to a lack of funds, despite being one of the top students in her high school.

Her life was forever altered when she was personally offered an all-expenses paid scholarship by a university chancellor in the city of Bloemfontein, in Free State province, after he heard about her plight.

Not failing to disappoint, despite moving far from home, Bianca de Koning has excelled in her first year at university.

Vice chancellor Jonathan Jansen “could not stop talking about his protégé this week, saying, ‘She is a darling, [and] a wonderful asset. I love her as much as my own daughter.'”

Jansen says they’re “already on the lookout for other Biancas in all nine provinces.”

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Photo of Free State University by Martin Kozák / Story tip from Tomek Piorkowski

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