This animal lover dreamed up a brilliant solution for the dozens of disabled pups wandering around his city.

When 40-year-old Pan Chieh isn’t working as a machine operator, he is busy building homemade canine wheelchairs out of water pipes.

Chieh’s design, which only costs about $30 to build, has bestowed mobility onto dozens of dogs in Tainan, Taiwan who can now move around more efficiently. He says that he first got the idea for the design when his friend took in a rescue dog for treatment and was shown a hefty veterinary bill for a new wheelchair.

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Instead, Chieh offered to build her a cheaper prototype.

On the weekends, Chieh and his girlfriend travel around the region and visit animal shelters, rescue organizations, and disabled dog homes. While they sometimes ask for help financing travel expenses, they will often give away the wheelchairs for free.

Additionally, Chieh will make wheelchairs for disabled cats, but the dogs are more at risk from farmers setting traps in order to prevent theft of crops or food.

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