Friendship is not just a human emotion. Animal BFFs separated during a rescue from a farm this month were reunited in Northern California.

Taken to different animal care facilities, after spending ten years together, Mr. G, the goat was not happy. He  hadn’t eaten anything for four days — even when offered sweet treats. He missed his friend, Jellybean the burro.

Then someone had the bright idea that he might be grieving and the caretakers arranged for a shuttle to deliver his friend.

“We had never taken in a donkey before,” said The Animal Place rescue center. “But we knew these friends needed to be together.”

The minute Mr. G. heard him being unloaded, he leapt up from the stall in the corner and ran to the door. He hasn’t left the burro’s side since.

(WATCH the video below or READ the story from Animal Place)

Photo and video from The Animal Place – Story tip from Lisa Bauman

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