This stuffed kangaroo may not be its real mama, but it’s a pretty great surrogate, providing comfort for a possum rescued by a wildlife group.

Little Bettina, now four months old, was recently found alone in the Sydney suburb of Mosman, Australia.

Wild Baby Kangaroo Still Comes Home to Hug His Teddy Bear After Release

These photos of the possum cozying up to the toy during sleep time and feeding time show the wee marsupial is recovering well.

possum bottle feeding stuffed kangaroo Taronga zoo Facebook

The brushtail possum of Australia is named because of its resemblance to the opossums of the Americas, the most common marsupial in the Western Hemisphere.

The soft animal gives the baby possum a chance to cling to something wooly using her claws and teeth, which is what it would do with a natural mother in the wild.

The Taronga Wildlife Hospital staff also carries Bettina around in a pouch. When she is strong enough, she will be released back into the wild.

Photos: Taronga Zoo Facebook

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