sunflower.jpgA group of rich Germans has launched a petition calling for the government to make wealthy people pay higher taxes.

The group say they have more money than they need, and the extra revenue could fund economic and social programmes to aid Germany’s economic recovery.

Germany could raise 100 billion euros if the richest people paid a 5% wealth tax for two years, they say.

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  1. Hmm…it’s never a good idea to give government more taxing power. Our (US) history has proven that. What started as a temporary fix, albeit good idea, has grown into an out-of-control, misused, misappropriated monster. Our (again US) government has proven it doesn’t know how to properly use the moneys it steals from us already. If the wealthy really want to help, why don’t they start there own organization and put the money where it could really do the most good. Because frankly, government has proven time and time again it has no clue on how to do that.

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