Now we know we’re HOT. . . The Good News Network made Rolling Stone magazine’s Hot List for 2009!

Listing their HOT INTERNET picks on page 89, only two websites are mentioned, with the Good News Network headlined as HOT WISHFUL THINKING.

“Economic meltdown, Shmeconomic shmeltdown,” is how the short article begins.

“People want good news now more than ever,” says GNN founder Geri Weis-Corbley, who says the site got its biggest traffic spike since 9/11 the day after Lehman Brothers tanked.

The reporter who interviewed me said this issue is always a top seller on news stands, and with Lady GaGa on the cover, this year should be no different.

I hope to use this HOT LIST award to springboard into landing a spot on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart, and eventually, the Ellen show (which I believe just went on summer break).



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