dogster-santa-paws.jpgEvery December, a 27-year U.S. Postal Service letter carrier walks his route as Santa Paws, delivering more than 100 doggy stockings, with each pooch’s name careful written across the cuff. He packs them with rawhide candy canes, dog cookies and biscuits, along with an ornament — different each year — that features a photo of the dog taken with his 35 mm film camera. (The Washington Post features Arnold’s good deed w/ photos)

(Photo: Mini, the Santa Schnauzer via


  1. Being a big dog-lover (I made hundreds of dog biscuits for friends with dogs this year), this story just made me cry .. this man is amazing! He totally gets it, you know? He has probably little clue how much what he does means to all those “doggy parents” … bless his heart!

  2. One of the best stories I have read in a long time. How heart warming is this? During the holidays I pass out little gifts to the neighborhood pets, but this gentleman is amazing. God bless him.

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