Starting on January 1st, 2017, the Scottish government will start giving expectant mothers ‘baby boxes’ – packages of useful items that will encourage a child’s healthy upbringing.

The boxes will contain such necessities as clothing for all seasons, picture books, teething toys, blankets, and medicinal supplies. Since the box is based off of a Nordic policy, it will also mostly likely be lined with a mattress that will double as the baby’s first crib.

Baby boxes have been an essential practice of Finland for the last 75 years. This tradition is suspected to contribute to the nation having one of the lowest child mortality rates in the world.

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The policy was originally promised by Nicola Sturgeon when she was running for her third term as Scotland’s First Minister.

“The baby box is a powerful symbol of our belief that all children should start life on a level playing field,” Nicola Sturgeon told the Scottish National Party this week after her electoral victory. “That’s what inclusion means in practice.”

There will be a competition for the box’s design next month in partnership with the V&A in Dundee.

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