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More Schools Are Being Gifted Free Washing Machines From Whirlpool So Kids Don’t Skip School

Dozens of US high schools are being gifted free dryers and washing machines from Whirlpool so all of their students have access to clean clothes.

Learn What 370 Schools Are Now Teaching in a Massive New Mental Health Research Trial

One of the world’s largest trials ever undertaken in the realm of mental health is now underway in the classrooms of hundreds of schools...

World’s Youngest Teachers Are Babies Who Visit Schools to Teach Students About Empathy – and It’s Working

These babies might be small, but they're apparently having a big impact on the schoolchildren they “teach” – especially the troubled students.

$150 Million in Debt to Be Forgiven for US Students Left Jilted by Shady Schools

Over 15,000 students have been left high and dry by shady for-profit schools since 2013 – but now, the Department of Education is canceling their debt.

Amazon’s Bezos Makes Small Amends, Gives $2 Billion to Help Homeless Families and Create Free Preschools

With recent cuts to government preschool program Head Start, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos has devoted $2 billion to benefit homeless families and education.

France Just Banned Smartphone Use in Schools

In a landslide vote, young students will now have to either keep their cell phones at home or keep them switched off during the school day.

India Adds a New Class to Curriculum at 1,000 Schools: How to Be Happy

With such high rates of stress and anxiety amongst young students, legislators hope the classes will help the kids live mindfully and happily.

Denver Schools Are Ensuring That No Kids Go Hungry By Offering Free Meals Over the Summer

The program isn't just feeding Denver school children, either.

She Heard a Child’s Plea in Liberia, and it Turned into Schools for 1,500 Girls

It all started with a little girl. At age eleven, Abigail was selling herself on the streets of Liberia in exchange for clean drinking...

Good News Weekly–LIVE with LA Weekly Founder Jay Levin: He’s Bringing Emotional Learning to Schools

If you missed our live stream of Good News Weekly-LIVE on Facebook Tuesday evening, check out our interview below with Jay Levin the LA Weekly Founder...

Sacking Homework, County Schools Tell Parents to Read With Their Kids Instead

In this Florida county, kids will no longer be burdened with hours of harrowing homework – instead, they will be encouraged to read with...

Clooney’s Foundation to Open 7 Schools for 3,000 Syrian Refugee Children

George and Amal Clooney are making sure that despite the overwhelming obstacles faced by Syrian refugee children overseas, they will have the opportunity to...

60 Schools Are Installing Washers and Dryers For Homeless and Troubled Students

Students are more likely to excel if they have access to clean clothes – which is why this company is helping schools install washers and dryers for free.

Stunning Sidewalk Chalk Festival is Funding Arts in the Schools

The 31st annual Italian Street Painting Festival was held this weekend at the grounds of the historic Mission in Santa Barbara, California—and these gorgeous...

Shakira Built 7 Schools in the Poorest Areas of South America

Colombian-born musician Shakira is being hailed for helping to build a seventh school in the poorest districts of South America. Her organization, the Pies Descalzos Foundation,...

Inspirational Teen is Accepted into All 8 Ivy League Schools

While some kids this time of year are stressing over getting into their dream schools, Ifeoma White-Thorpe is trying to decide which of 8 schools...

Chance the Rapper Donating $1Mil to Chicago Schools

Chicago born and bred hip hop artist Chance the Rapper has announced that he will be donating $1 million to his home city's public schools. The...

Healthy Concession Food is a ‘Game Changer’ for High Schools

Concession stands at school sporting events are often overlooked by those advocating for healthy school food. However, a new study highlights how concession stands...

High Schools to Provide SAT and ACT Testing Free of Charge

State Superintendent of Public Instruction Joy Hofmeister announced today that Oklahoma public school districts will have the opportunity this year to choose whether their...

Olympic Buildings To Be Disassembled Like Puzzles For Public Parks and Schools

Instead of letting the grand Olympic stadiums and buildings languish, a company designed them using “nomadic architecture” so they can be reused.