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Perth lights display

Nutcracker-synced Lights Raise $25,000 for Perth Kids Hospital

An Australian entrepreneur, Kym Illman, launched his latest Christmas lights extravaganza, this year synching his and his neighbors lights to music -- two homes...

After Instructor Became Unconscious Mid-Flight, Student Pilot Achieves ‘Perfect’ Emergency Landing During His First Lesson

A 29-year-old student pilot in Australia is being hailed as a hero after he managed a “perfect” airplane landing during his first flying lesson. It...

Good News in History, August 22

Happy 80th Birthday to actress Valerie Harper, the two-time cancer survivor who was advised last month to go into hospice care. Best known for...

Choral Reef? Listen to Scientist’s Recording of How Fish ‘Sing’ at Dawn

Scientists are “amazed” to discover that fish gather together to sing at dusk and dawn just like their feathered flying counterparts.

Good News in History, July 3

200 years ago today, the Bank for Savings in the City of New York opened its doors as the first savings bank in the...

Years After She Smells Parkinson’s Disease on Her Husband, Woman is Now Paving the Way for Early Detection Test

This retired nurse is using her keen sense of smell to help researchers develop one of the first early detection tests for Parkinson's disease.

Estos Basureros Flotantes Han Sido Desplegados Alrededor del Mundo Para que Puedan Absorber Toneladas de Basura del Océano

Después de una exitosa campaña de recolección de fondos en 2016, una aspiradora flotante para succionar la contaminación del océano está absorbiendo cientos de...

These Floating Trashcans Are Being Deployed Around the World So They Can Suck Up Tons of Ocean Trash

These floating rubbish bins are already sucking up ocean pollution in dozens of marinas and ocean ports around the world.

Student-Designed Electric Car Breaks World Record by Crossing Australia in 6 Days Using Only $50 of Power

A team of college students has just broken the Guinness World Record for using the lowest amount of energy to cross Australia in an electric car.

His Love for Her is Deep–So He Proposed to Her Underwater at the Great Barrier Reef

What could be a dreamier place to get engaged than surrounded by exotic fish at the Great Barrier Reef in Australia?

Eating 2 Avocados a Day Reportedly ‘Cured’ 5-Year-Old Girl of Seizures

Leafy Liu was having as many as 60 seizures per day – but now, after incorporating avocados into her diet, she only endures about 4 seizures per year.

70-Year-old Ran Marathon on Every Continent in Just 7 Days

Chau Smith has already run 70 marathons during her time as a jogger – so for her 70th birthday, she decided to do something extra...

Treatment Has Saved 77% of Cancer Patients Needing Amputations

Patients with a form of advanced malignant cancer in their arms or legs have typically faced amputation of the afflicted limb as the only treatment option. However,...

Homeless Man Given Six Job Interviews Thanks to His Powerful Sign

This formerly homeless man is being blessed by strangers left and right thanks to a woman sharing his plea for help on Facebook. Sherryn Jackson...

Elder Sisters Living on Opposite Sides of World Meet for First Time (WATCH)

A Northern Irish woman only discovered in 1989, that she had an older sister—and finally embraced her for the first time at Dublin airport

Man Delivers Sweet Poem Instead of Getting Mad Over Towed Car (WATCH)

Even though you just had your car towed and were slapped with a fine, the towing company workers aren't to blame. Why not make their day like this guy did?

Player’s Honesty Costs Him the Match, But Wins Hearts w/ Sportsmanship

A sharp-eyed tennis player thought an umpire’s decision in his favor was wrong — so he told his opponent to challenge the call. His...

Train Commuters Sing Along to Somewhere Over the Rainbow (WATCH)

Remember in October when we showed you a viral video of a dance party launched on a commuter train in Perth, Australia? The same group...

Unconscious Skydiver in Free Fall Rescued During Seizure (Dramatic Video)

A skydiving instructor had only seconds to catch up with an unconscious student jumper and deploy his parachute for him while he was having...

The Top 10 Good News Stories of 2014

In many respects 2014 was a rough year, with Ebola, the Islamic State, and deaths in Ukraine, but it was also one in which...