Cash register receipt from Secret SantaChristmas came early for three people in West Michigan when a stranger picked up the tab on some presents.

It happened Monday night at the Big Kmart in Plainfield Township. A woman, described only as “being in her 30s,” walked up to the layaway desk and asked, “Can I, you know, pay off some people’s layaway?”

A worker in the layaway department replied, ‘Well, are you trying to pick them up? ‘Cause you can’t pick them up if you don’t have an ID.”

And [the mystery woman] said, “Nope, I just want to help people.”

The day after the story aired on the local TV news, another secret Santa went to the Plainfield Kmart and offered to pay off 13 more layaway bills — to the tune of about $2,000.

(WATCH the video – with NBC advertisement – or read the story on MSNBC)


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