The San Francisco Board of Supervisors Tuesday voted to "protect and eventually replant trees on Telegraph Hill that serve as a favorite roost for a world-famous flock of parrots." (full details of their plan are on … This flock of wild Amazonian parrots somehow landed in San Francisco years ago and have been breeding and entertaining crowds ever since. An award-winning and inspiring film was created that portrayed the love between the birds and a local street musician and hippie, Mark Bittner…


Pelican Media, the film’s production company, says of its main human subject, "Although he is no scientist and this is not a "nature film," Mark becomes something of an expert himself as he consults local birders, and as he feeds, names, studies, and protects the cherry-headed conures — escaped pets who have begun to breed in the wilds of the city."

Mark Bittner also penned a book about his great adventure, entitled, The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill: A Love Story . . .with Wings.

wild parrots book He tells about trying to find his way in the 1970’s, often homeless, until he lands a caretaking job with an elderly woman, and with it came a garden apartment — with trees full of parrots… Then, a documentary filmmaker shows up, just as he is faced with losing his apartment and the prospect of living life away from his best buddies… I don’t know it but both the film and book supply the surprise ending. You can order the DVD on Amazon: The Wild Parrots of Telegraph Hill

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