elderly-banana-smilesA man stands at his local super market checkout. For once, he is confident to have enough money, after years of being broke as a single parent.

He hears an elderly couple behind him saying they forgot their wallet. Turning around, he says he can pay for their food, feeling rich for the first time in years.

He suggests that they can drive over to his car in the parking lot and he’ll follow them home. After waiting outside the market, their car turns up as promised.

At their house, the tell him they have never met such a helper in their life.

The man says he just wanted to help, and they started talking about including him in Christmas cards.

No effort is needed to do this. Just help your fellow man!!!

Photo credit: Sun Star


  1. What a wonderful story! I also had the ability to be a Blessing to an elderly lady who did not have enough money to pay for her groceries so I offered to pay for her. The grocery clerk was astonished and leaned over to me to whisper “Are you sure? She’s $50 short!” Even though I had never done anything like this before in my life I didn’t hesitate one second. I had her bill added to mine and paid the whole shot. I often think about her and hope she’s ok.

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