Herder dog adopts mountain hikers, familyphotoAlong a family’s two-month horse-packing journey, a Caucasian sheep dog wondered up and adopted them as his flock, traveling with them for more than 200 kilometres, crossing 11 high mountain passes.

“Rocky had defended us, day and night, against other dogs, drunk passersby and shadows in the night. She trotted happily ahead of us on the trail, and slept nestled among us during breaks. I am certain she would have died before allowing harm come to any one of us.”

The worry of what do to with Rocky at the end of the trail grew and grew. Little did they know he was headed home.

Near their final destination, they met a shepherd who claimed to know the dog. It turns out, she was last seen months before, guiding Polish geologists in a snowstorm, ensuring their safety, and was never seen again.

(READ about the dog’s return in the Globe and Mail)

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