A stray German Shepherd dragged a bloodied woman up to the highway so drivers would be able to stop and help after her car careened down an embankment 50 yards distant. (AP)


  1. Heroic animals
    Another example of the selfless acts of our animal friends. We surely underestimate our fellow animals and their intellect and ability. I heard this story on the radio. The people that owned this dog could not keep it in the yard. After the dog saved the woman the people sent the dog to a shelter. I suspect they had no trouble adopting him out to a new home.

  2. The Dog May Go on to New Career
    Everything in life happens for a reason, including this dog not being able to stay in the yard… And, it is lucky for the woman he saved (imagine dragging her OFF the TRUNK and through brambles BY THE COLLAR 50 yards to the main road… Check this out, for serendipity:

    Officials of the Thomasville-Thomas County Humane Society

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