gavel by Sal Falko-flickr-CCWith US Attorney-General Eric Holder announcing plans to curb mass incarceration, could restorative justice transform America’s prison-industrial complex?

On a dare, six young men, ages 10-13, broke into a giant chemical processing plant in Colorado. What occurred that night transformed one policeman who previously sought to deliver the maximum punishment for every crime.

He realized after witnessing the process that restorative justice actually had some teeth. It imposes real, face-to-face accountability for actions, and makes offenders listen directly to the victims of their crimes. 

He realized that six young lives might be saved from years of cycling in and out of the prison system, and instead of seeking vengeance, justice should require that we work to restore all parties involved in a crime.

(READ the story at Open Democracy)

Thanks to Jane Martin for submitting the link! 
Photo by SalFalko – Flickr – CC

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