Shortridge High School indianapolis-FB

“The plaque had been missing for decades.”

“Commissioned in 1916 by Shortridge High School, the 2-by-3-foot bronze tablet memorialized one of the school’s most storied people, a man whose dedication to teachers, students and staff earned him praise, admiration and, when he fell very ill, newspaper stories and a guaranteed salary for life.”

“The man was not a teacher, though, or a coach or a generous alumnus,” reports the Indianapolis Star.

He was a janitor – and he probably had as many friends as any one living in the city.

The plaque shows the image of the Indianapolis cleaning man between two quotes: “Seest thou a man diligent in his business he shall stand before kings” and “He dignified labor for he knew no master but duty Had no comrade but truth Desired no approval but self respect.”

Now, the plaque has been discovered again in a local salvage shop…

(READ the Full Story at the Indianapolis Star)

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