Sealy Posturepedic has committed to fund the building of 200 beds for children living in poverty in Costa Rica.

Sealy has also indicated a desire to become a major sponsor of SOFTLY International’s global Bed-for-Every-Child program, much to the delight of the unique organization’s founder, Eloise Vincent, of Reston, Virginia.

Eloise began SOFTLY Int’l as a medical mission to serve the health needs of Costa Rican families living in extreme poverty. But doctors who treated kids for intestinal parasites, explained that their painful condition would simply reoccur in 2-4 months if patients continued to sleep on primitive floors. Thus Vincent began her quest to provide beds, cribs, and mattresses to children in the third world.

eloise vincent-fbOnly vinyl, hospital-grade mattresses will survive the rainy seasons. She purchases them locally to support the regional economies. Each one costs her just $28. And her construction contracts to make the frames provide wages to local craftspeople.

SOFTLY has supplied beds to a number of orphanages around the world through private donations. The initial grant from Sealy for 200 beds to SOFTLY’s Bed-for-Every-Child totals $22,500.

RELATED: Eloise Vincent once shared an inspirational story with the Good News Network about trusting that All Is Well–even at the moment when SOFTLY’s checkbook was empty.

UPDATE: Eloise passed in her sleep on August 18, 2015, at the age of 73. She will be missed.

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