illustration by Engineering and Physical Research Sciences CenterFuture camouflage uniforms for soldiers will draw energy from the sun providing continuous power for a radio, GPS and weapons, but at half the weight of traditional battery packs.

The Engineering and Physical Research Sciences Center in the UK is working on a new type of fabric that uses solar photovoltaic cells, thermoelectric devices and advanced lightweight batteries. Because the system absorbs heat, it could even serve as a type of wearable stealth cloak, making a soldier less susceptible to detection with infrared cameras.

(READ the article in Pop Science)


  1. [quote name=”jordan22″]why on earth is this good news??[/quote]

    Because it provides advanced technologies that keep our soldiers safer in combat, I would think.

    It also has a number of environmentally friendly technology advances which would be useful to many types of people and lots of applications, including:

    – Hikers / campers
    – Motorcycle riders (great way to power the “toys”)

    I’m sure there are many others.

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