Working mom and adult son on YouTube“I am the man I am today because of you,” he said at the start of a video. “So I just want to thank you.”

For years, she worked every day, seven days a week, starting at 5 or 6 in the morning preparing food for her neighborhood market. And in 2002 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Through much pain and suffering, she persevered to eventually become a ten-year survivor.

But something she worked so hard for was lost with so many medical bills in the midst of an economic downturn. Living in Las Vegas, one of the worst hit areas, she ended up losing her home.

“This is the first house I ever purchased and I wanted to give (it to) my mother,” Michael Luangrath wrote on YouTube. “She deserves it the most.”

He dedicated the video to “all the mothers out there” who work their hearts out.”

(Watch the inspiring tear-jerker below…)


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