Dumb Blonde FB Delta Zeta Beta Gamma Chapter

A Southern sorority is breaking down stereotypes with a series of photos that describe their real-life personalities, goals, and abilities.

“We are more than a stereotype,” the sisters of the Delta Zeta chapter at the University of Louisville, Kentucky posted on their Facebook page. “We are strong, independent women with many accomplishments and goals.”

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Thirty-nine sorority sisters posed with stereotypes written on one hand, and a fact breaking it on their other.

They attacked entrenched views about sorority members such as…

Sorority girls are dumb…

doctor FB Delta Zeta Beta Gamma Chapter

…they drink too much…

Half Marathon FB Delta Zeta Beta Gamma Chapter

…they’re all rich, party girls…

double masters FB Delta Zeta Beta Gamma Chapter

The sisters say the truth is a lot more complex.

“We are bilingual, doctors, engineers, hunters, lawyers, and so much more,” they wrote in their post.

(SEE more photos at the Delta Zeta (Beta Gamma Chapter) Facebook page)

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