blankets left for Boston homeless-Reddit photo

A sweetheart mom, Cathy O’Grady, recently planned a spree of 318 good deeds in honor of a friend, Chad, who survived for that many days after his cancer diagnosis.

Chad’s wife, Colleen, joined O’Grady and two friends to canvas the city February 28 as crusaders of kindness. Their plans required a lot of work ahead of time. They put together 250 care bags for nurses to show appreciation and boost morale at at Brigham and Women’s Hospital. They were stuffed with an original poem and various treats. While inside the hospitals, they planted one hundred lottery tickets in various waiting rooms and handed out cookies.

care packages-in-bagsThey visited the subway station and scattered fifty cards for free subway rides, bought five coffees for strangers and left sixty quarters in grocery stores on gumball machines for children to enjoy.

To end their amazing day together, they paid for three meals for random people and delivered 150 care packages to Thornton-Naumes House, the Hope Lodge, and the Beacon House — all lodging facilities for adults with cancer.

“During the day, we will share Chad’s story and encourage others to reach out and spread a little joy, especially through their sorrows, wrote O’Grady on her jewelry website, CreationsCathys. “Although Chad’s time here has come to an end, on his behalf, we will personally reach out to 318 people who might need a positive moment or a helping hand.”

(READ more of her story from Boston Magazine)


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