Wall Street photo via MorguefileSo many people in the media, including Donald Trump, gratuitously gripe that the economy is “in the tank.” Here is another of the many articles featured in our Business Section over the past six months that show a steady improvement in the US economy:

“Stocks powered to fresh multiyear highs, boosted by consumer optimism and strong earnings from industrial heavyweights,” reports the Wall Street Journal.


“The Dow Jones Industrial Average soared 115.49 points, or 0.93%, to finish at 12595.37, a fresh three-year high. Additionally, the S&P 500 hit its highest target since June 2008.” (Read the full article for subscribers at online.wsj.com)

(Be alert for political Populist rhetoric that only preys on fear and stokes anger. It is un-constructive if these complainers never articulate actual solutions to problems, but only fan the flames of public discontent.)


Wall Street photo via Morguefile

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