Cookie delivery service not so secret anymoreA UCSD grad student has traded in his lab coat for an apron and sunglasses, disguising his identity and keeping his new cookie service a secret, to avoid criticism from friends and family.

Now, the passionate cookie-maker is seeing his dream pay off and the “secret cookie service” is not so secret anymore.

The young man known as “Agent Snickerdoodle” delivers his famous cookies to hungry UCSD students who simply text or call him requesting a delivery.

The former chemistry major gives them a CETA (Cookie Estimated Time of Arrival) and then then delivers them dressed like one of the Blues Brothers.

Cookies Top SecretHis entrepreneurial venture is set to expand off-campus, with deliveries promised given a 24 hour notice.

“Oh my god, it’s so much fun,” he said.

The Secret Cookie Service Order Line is 727-487-2782. Check out The Secret Cookie Service Facebook page.

(WATCH the video below, or READ the story in the NBC-San Diego)

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