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Is there a mother on the planet who hasn’t said at least once, “Just try it, you’ll like it!”?

Well, as usual, mom was right. A new study found that those who are willing to try exotic foods are more likely to weigh less and feel better about their health than those who are reluctant to try something new.

Researchers at Cornell University asked some 500 women about their daily eating habits, opinions about exotic foods and their satisfaction with weight and health. pie CC Susanne Nilsson

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According to the study, the women who identified as more “adventurous” eaters also rated themselves as healthier and more physically active. They also had a slightly lower body-mass index than the more timid eaters.

The verdict: eating out of your comfort zone may lead to a healthier and more nutritious diet.

Go ahead, put crispy cactus tacos on the menu and wash them down with snake wine. Your waistline will thank you.

Photo: CC Adrienne Byard

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